Siser Romeo 24″ High Definition Cutter | Cutting Machine


Every Siser Romeo High Definition Cutter comes with:

  • Cutting machine
  • Power supply
  • Siser® Sublimation Marker Adapter
  • Blade housing
  • High Tack Cutting Mat
  • 45° and 60° blades
  • EasyWeed® Sample Sheets (x2)
  • USB cord

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Siser Romeo 24″ High Definition Cutter – Cutting Machine

The Romeo is a high definition, full functioning cutting machine capable of producing complex, fine detail using a wide variety of materials. With a sleek, modern “capsule” design and faster, quieter operation compared to other cutters on the market, it offers easily adjustable settings like force, speed and the cut starting point. There’s also a built-in Test Cut feature that lets you dial in the exact settings you need without wasting vinyl and you can even use this machine with or without the cutting mat! The included marker adapter will turn your cutter into a sublimation drawing powerhouse using sublimation markers from Siser (sold separately).

A powerful cutter is nothing without powerful software. That’s why Leonardo™ Design Studio was created to be the perfect companion software to the Romeo(TM) Cutter. Easily connect Romeo to Leonardo Design Studio via the included USB Cable or a WiFi connection and you’re ready to go!

The best part? Leonardo Design Studio isn’t just cutting software- it’s also an incredibly versatile workspace. Use the built-in canvas and tools to create your own artwork from scratch, or download premade files from the extensive art library. You can also view swatches and specs for every Siser(R) material, get inspiration from our handmade projects, learn new skills with tutorial videos, and so much more- all within a single software!

Leonardo Design Studio is free with every Romeo purchase.

Accepts materials up to 24″ wide
Capable of extremely fine detail
Plastic and aluminum

Cutting machine
Power supply
Marker adapter
Blade housing
Cutting mat
45° and 60° blades
USB cord
Owner’s manual
Setup card

Sleek, modern “capsule” design
LED light strip for low light use
High-definition motor/cut head
Quieter operation (when compared to other cutters on market)
Able to cut complex, fine detail
Blade can be replaced with included marker adaptor
Accurate cuts thanks to precision cut head
Able to cut at a much faster speed

Customizable user control:
Touch screen for ease of use
Adjustable settings like force, speed, starting point and camera
Built-in Test Cut feature
Adjustable pinch rollers
Can be used with or without cutting mat

Multiple ways to connect:
Wireless connection to PC via WiFi
Direct wired connection to PC via included USB cable
Cut directly from USB flash drive


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