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Applying for a wholesale account with Kingdom Designs enables your business to purchase discounted products for your business to sell. Currently this includes completed graphic t-shirts and dropshipping services.

Simply complete the requested information below and checkout of our website as normal. There are no fees or costs associated to applying.

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Wholesale & Dropshipping Accounts – Kingdom Designs

Why would I need a wholesale account?

With a wholesale account, you will gain access to discounted and hidden products meant for resale. With these products, you can either purchase to stock your business or ship them directly to your customer.

Why do I need to show proof of a legal business?

There are two reasons for this. The first is to avoid having retail customers obtain these discounted products directly from us. We are producing these products in high volumes for the purpose of small businesses to resell. The second reason, is because in order not to charge you sales tax on the transaction, this information is required.

How do I register for a wholesale account?

Simply fill out the questions above, add the product to the cart, and checkout as normal. There are no costs associated to applying for a wholesale account with Kingdom Designs.

What happens after I submit my application?

After the application is submitted – simply navigate back to our homepage. You should now see an option for “Wholesale Products” in our website menu. If you cannot see it, verify that you are logged into the account that you used when applying for a wholesale account.

How does dropshipping work?

When you are adding wholesale products to your cart, you will see an option to dropship your purchase. Meaning, everything in that purchase will be shipped directly to your customer. In this case, be sure to set your customers address as the shipping address during checkout. We will physically package the order with a retail presentation, but there will be no Kingdom Designs branding or information on the shipping label, products, or inside of the package. If you have multiple orders to dropship, you would simply complete a separate transaction for each customer.

What is the turn around time on wholesale products?

The specific turn around time for each product will be listed in the products listing. We will say though, we are fast, and it is one of our primary focuses.