Sunflower Gnomes Be Kind | 1232 | Direct To Film DTF Transfer


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Pocket (4 inch)
Youth (7 inch)
Adult (12 inch)
XL (14 Inch)

Sunflower Gnomes Be Kind – Direct To Film DTF Transfer – Multiple Sizes (Pocket, Youth, Adult, XL)

What is a Direct To Film transfer?
Direct to film transfers are made with the newest printing technology, intended to be used for garment decoration purposes ( custom t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, pants, shorts, etc). Direct to film transfers ( DTF ) are made by printing directly on to a film, then transferring it to your garment of choice (works with cotton, polyester, cotton-poly, etc). These transfers also have a white backing printed to them, allowing you to press on both light colored and dark colored garments!

What garments can DTF transfers be applied to?
DTF transfers can be applied to 100% cotton, poly-cotton blends, & 100% polyester garments. Direct to film transfers will adhere to mostly any garment, as long as the material can withstand the heat of a heat press! That includes things like tote bags, table cloths, pillow cases, and more!

How do I apply direct to film (dtf) transfers to my garments?
Our direct to film ( DTF ) transfers can only be applied with a heat press. Due to the high pressure needed, they cannot be applied with an iron, “easy press”, or “auto pressure” press.

Our direct to film (DTF) transfers are produced on a “hybrid” film, allowing them to be hot peeled or cold peeled. For the softest feel on your garment, we recommend the cold peel method.

Cold Peel
Temp: 285° F
Time: 12 Seconds
Pressure: High
(8-9 Manual, 60 PSI Automatic)
Peel: Let cool for 2-3 minutes or when cool to touch. Second Press: Cover garment with parchment paper, press an additional 12 seconds.


Can I sell the products I make with your direct to film transfers?
Of course, you can use our DTF transfers for personal and business purposes!

Can I use your mockup on my website / group?
We encourage you to use our mockups to show / sell to your customer. We just ask that you add your own watermark to the image.

Do you offer any financing options or alternate payment options?
Sezzle is an additional payment method / financing method available for orders placed on our website. Sezzle provides (2) payment options.

“Buy Now & Pay Later” with Sezzle is available for all orders totaling $1.00-$2,500. This option allows you to place your order today only paying 25% of your cart total. The remaining 75% of the balance is paid every (2) weeks, in 25% increments. This option is completely free for our customers and there is absolutely no interest!

“Monthly Payments” with Sezzle is available for all orders totaling $299.99 – $15,000. This option allows you to place your order today and make monthly payments on your cart total over the course 3 months – 48 months. This option does have an APR charge. Terms and rates are based on approvals.|

To use either of these options, simply select SEZZLE as your payment option at checkout, where they will show all available options!



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