Start Your Own T-Shirt Business Transfer Pack | Screen Print Transfers


Start making your own t-shirts today with screen print transfers!

Whats Included In The Pack:

  • (25) screen print transfers (10 full or two color / 15 single color designs).
  • (20) “Care Cards” to be included with your newly made shirts.
  • Detailed instructions on applying screen print transfers.

This product will ship same business day when ordered before 3 PM EST.

*Please note, a Heat Press is required to properly apply screen print transfers to any garment.

Start Your Own T-Shirt Business Pack – Single Color Screen Print Transfer

What exactly is this product?
This product is a pack of 25 screen print transfers and 20 care cards. With this pack, you will be able to make your own t-shirts by pressing (with a heat press) the screen print transfers on to your desired garment (t-shirts, sweaters, etc). If you start selling/distributing the shirts, you can include the care card with the shirt – to educate the recipient on how to properly care for the shirt!

What is a screen print transfer?
A screen print transfer (also known as a plastisol heat transfer) is a screen printed image, printed on to a transfer paper with plastisol inks. That transfer can then be applied to a garment with a heat press, transferring the plastisol ink from the transfer to the garment.

Using screen print transfers to make t-shirts requires no cutting & no weeding! Save time, money, and frustration!

What garments can this screen print transfer be applied to?
This screen print transfer can be applied to 100% cotton, poly-cotton blends, & 100% polyester garments.

How do I apply the screen print transfer to my garments?
Our screen print transfers should be applied with a heat press. The recommended temperature is 325° Fahrenheit for 7 seconds. Transfer should be peel’ed immediately (hot peel).

What pressure setting should I use on my heat press?
For automatic machines, 60 P.S.I.. For manual machines, the 8,9, or heavy setting.

New to screen print transfers? Check out our “Guide to Screen Print Transfers”


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