Commercial License | 500 Physical Products & Printed Transfers | Covers ALL Digital Designs


This product is a virtual product, no physical item or digital download will be provided. Receipt of purchase serves as proof of commercial license.

This commercial license allows you to use any Digital Design created by Kingdom Designs on up to 500 physical products / printed transfers that you sell. Detailed information can be found below.

Refunds are not available due to the digital nature.


Commercial License – 500 Physical Products & Printed Transfers.

When Do I Need A Commercial License?
If you have purchased a Digital Design from Kingdom Designs, are using it with physical products or printed transfers (such as a cup, t-shirt, wine glass, etc), and you are selling that product – you need a commercial license.

All of our Digital Designs come with a business license that allows a digital design to be applied to 100 physical products. However, if you have sold / plan to sell more than 100 physical products OR ANY printed transfers you would need this license.

I Have Purchased Multiple Digital Designs, Do I Need A Separate Commercial License For Each Digital Design?
No! As long as you don’t exceed the 500 physical products / printed transfers, you only need 1 license.

Example: You purchase “Graphic A” and “Graphic B” from Kingdom Designs. You are making 75 T-shirt’s with “Graphic A” and 200 mugs with “Graphic B”. – one commercial license would cover both, up to 500 physical products.

What Happens If I Need More Than 500?
You would just need to purchase an additional Commercial License.

Example: You purchase “Graphic A” from Kingdom Designs along with the Commercial License. You make 300 vinyl decals with “Graphic A” for a customer. You get another order for 300 water bottles using the same “Graphic A”, making your total 600 products with “Graphic A”. –  you would need to purchase an additional Commercial License.

Digital designs may not be sold, resold, copied, modified, shared, or distributed.